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Why You Need a Synergistic Relationship Between PPC & SEO For Small Businesses

common things between PPC and SEO

Digital marketing tactics come in varied shapes and sizes, and many site owners fail to make the smart decision when choosing between SEO and PPC. My business needs organic traffic, so I need SEO. I need more conversions; surely, PPC is the way to go. The truth is, both answers are right in their own sense but wrong in the grand calculus of digital marketing. Why opt for one when you can use them both to support each other?

‘The age of the internet is rough on SMBs, so they should learn to play the smart game wherever they can’; that was the first thing we acknowledged at Advertyzed. In a game of run-of-the-mill campaigns and stale marketing strategies, entrepreneurs need to stay on top of competition while breaking new market grounds by appealing to audiences’ shifting needs. That’s where a harmonious relationship between SEO and PPC comes into play.

Optimized Keyword Marketing

PPC is all about creative ads that can garner clicks with relatable copies and eye-catching visuals. A simple analytics research can reveal top-performing keywords and ad copies that make the strongest impressions on visitors, which can then be used to format your meta descriptions. Using the data collected from Google Ads or Bing Ads, you can make a bank of compelling keywords which drive high click-through rates (CTR) and use this knowledge to fund your future SEO marketing campaigns in the long run.

This exchange of long-tail and short-tail keywords allows PPC and SEO to support each other better and save you precious time and cost on both ends. Using tools like Google Search Control and Bing Webmaster, you can highlight keywords that trigger the most impressions and clicks on your website’s organic listings and use them for your PPC campaigns, leading to an increase in organic traffic as well as helping you save on irrelevant PPC ads.

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Holistic Remarketing Ads

With the use of effective remarketing ads, businesses can reach out to consumers who have previously interacted with said businesses. Since remarketing PPC ads target previous visitors by showing them highly relevant and consumer-centric ads, they can perform ideally when the business in question has a high bounce rate or serves an overall broad audience space.

When remarketing ads are used in conjunction with other marketing tactics, the result proves to be far more rewarding. Every potential client you reach with your SEO campaigns acts as an addition to your remarketing list, which acts as a bank of potential prospects just waiting for the right PPC ad to reach their doorstep.

Intuitive Navigation

Since most of today’s audiences are Millennials and Gen Zers, quick and intuitive UIs have become a necessity. However, according to Microsoft, site link extensions can increase your average CTR by 30%. Enabling site link extensions allows you to include up to six links in your PPC ad, excluding the primary link. This allows you to drive more traffic to the lesser-known subpages of your website as well as deliver visitors exactly what they’re looking for.

It is without a doubt that PPC and SEO strategies act as invaluable tools in the digital marketing process. However, with a module that allows them to complement each other’s strong points, they can help you outperform your competition while allowing you to save big on spending budgets.